Christian P. Sarason

Agile. Ocean. Science. Software.


Assorted Musings

About Me

I am a software product manager and developer who achieves success via two major strengths — technical excellence paired with a knack for translating customer needs into crisp requirements for software teams.

Technical specialties

Excellent team leader, facilitating effective communication among cross-functional groups and partners. Expert communicator and teacher via online presentations and interactive software demonstrations. Experienced agile product owner and scrum master in both startup and large organizations.

Agile software development and product management in renewable energy, geospatial and digital media space. Strong experience with agile product development and organizational change. Customer focused product development and excellent high-touch customer support skills.

Scientific software development and data management with Python and MATLAB, black box hacking with C and FORTRAN. Basic development in HTML5, JavaScript, and Android apps. Familiar with Unity, XML, WMS, GeoJSON, and various web mapping and CAD protocols. System administration in one form or another for a wide variety of systems (Unix, Windows, MacOS, VMWare, Docker, etc). SME in scientific computing and visualization, geospatial technology, and data integration.


Scientific visualization and communication, wind and human powered vehicles, deep-sea exploration and Tufte-style information design.